Asustor Introduces 2 and 4-bay Consumer NAS With 10 Gbps

Asustor has introduced two new NAS devices aimed towards consumers, the AS4002T, and AS4004T. The 2- and 4-bay NAS devices will be amongst the first relatively affordable devices to feature a 10 Gbps Ethernet RJ45 port.

The two NAS devices share the same internal specifications, and the only difference is the number of hard drives. The horsepower is being provided by a Marvell Armada Cortex A72 dual-core processor and two gigabytes of internal DDR4 memory. Aside from the RJ45 10 Gbps Ethernet ports, both devices will also feature a duo of regular Gigabit Ethernet connections. It’s possible to combine the transfer speeds of all Ethernet ports and triple the speed of a Gigabit connection without additional 10 Gbps hardware.

Unfortunately, the internal memory is soldered on the mainboard and is not expandable. The front of the device features a magnetic glossy black design, which should help to prevent dust. The inside features a honey mesh structure for added stability.

Asustor is claiming read speeds up to 1146 MBps and write speeds of 584 MBps, both under ideal circumstances and RAID 5. The NAS devices feature two USB 3.1 (Gen 1) ports, including one at the front. Hot-swapping is available and there’s also support for MyArchive discs.

The Asustor AS4002T and AS4004T should be available soon. Pricing details of the NAS devices haven’t been announced yet.

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