Advancements in Medicine and Vaccine Research

Advancements in Medicine and Vaccine Research


2020 has been the year of the pandemic, and people all around the globe are eagerly anticipating a solution to the coronavirus problem. The health community has been doing their best to fulfil the demand for a cure. Research studies and clinical trials are taking place worldwide and some of the developments give hope that the end is near to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Medicine Improvements

Many new cutting-edge medicines have already come to market to treat and cure diseases in 2020. Across multiple areas of medicine, significant advances are being made. Innovation in areas like oncology, gene therapy, and next-gen antibiotics is taking place. The 3D printing and nanotechnology fields are also contributing to medical technology advancement. These types of new devices can improve patient care and advance medical research.

Vaccine Research

The vaccine research has progressed with over 100 prospective vaccines being developed that are still in the clinical trial phase. A few vaccines have already passed phase three and are now in distribution with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine being approved by the UK as the first COVID-19 vaccine. These vaccines can potentially prevent COVID-19 in populations that may be at risk from the virus. However, it will be a while before the COVID-19 vaccine is distributed widely enough to make a real difference.


There is still much more research required before the pandemic will be conquered, but the advancements in medicine and vaccine research in the year 2020 give us some hope for the future. The pandemic has illustrated how vitally important medical research is and how more investment in the development of new technology and treatment processes is needed.